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Structured Process

Our process allows everyone to participate in discovery and learning.

It’s not uncommon for an organization or foundation to appoint one of its seasoned staff. board members, or volunteers to lead an information gathering session.  While this can help jump-start a conversation, after all “they already know what we do” – it can also have some unintended consequences. The chosen leader misses out on the chance to actively participate, and at times, the results may be swayed by the facilitator’s personal viewpoints and experiences.

We bring both the process and experience to your community so that everyone has a chance to share, listen, and learn.  Here’s a quick snapshot of what to expect.

Identify Connector Partner

A partner – who may also be the program funder – is identified to help the SUSTAIN team navigate and connect to members of the community.

Populate Starter Ecosystem Map

We work with our funder partner to begin to build the community’s ecosystem map. This is a 45-minute call with materials provided by our team.

Provide Initial Leader Introductions

Our partner sends the initial email introducing us to the first group of community members.   We provide tailored templates to make it easy.

Conduct Stakeholder Outreach

We listen and learn and share education and experience with stakeholders by email, phone, or video calls.  We gather information through interviews and surveys.

Visit Community

We come to your community for conversations with foundation, nonprofit, and community leaders.  We build on our learnings and continue to educate constituents.

Collect Information

With help from local partners, we send a short survey to a broad base of nonprofits and funders in preparation for our education/training sessions.

Lead Education Session: The Power of Sustainability

We return and facilitate two educational meetings: (1) nonprofits and community leaders and (2) funders and support organizations.  These meetings set the stage for determining your community’s readiness for The Journey.

Make Recommendation and Decision

At the end of the twelve weeks, we deliver:  educational information, tools, and your Sustainability Readiness Report.


appreciate when someone can push me to see things from a different perspective. Those conversations assist me in growing personally and professionally. I am advocating for everyone to be at the table for better understanding, so I must be open to understanding all perspectives. 

I absolutely love your energy, heart, and ability to motivate individuals from various backgrounds. 


SUSTAIN Participant

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